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It is about something as simple and as big as choosing the change that leads you to be better.

Hello!Kiaora RanchIt started as a dream of Agus and Pedro. Young, adventurous and eager to plant seeds that generate changes, that is how our products were born.


Today the family is growing to reach more tables. 


Kiaora spreads and condiments are 100% plant-based, sustainable and absolutely delicious!

Rancho Kiaora - patés vegetales - paté de tomates secos
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These two words mean much more than a passing greeting, when you say Kia Ora to someone, you are wishing them the essence of life.

Our production process

We admire, respect and use what the earth offers us, we select the best of it and we bring it to your plate.
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Hydration and cooking


Rancho Kiaora - patés vegetales - envasado


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Rancho Kiaora - patés vegetales - pate de aceitunas


support us

From 2018 to the present, we have been

supported different national institutions.

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